BUWW offers bellows for machine locations that will not have heavy chip exposure, but still need to protect the sensitive components of the machine. Bellows offer protection from contaminates while applying little resistance to the machine's movement. Metal plates can be attached to the bellows if exposed to a light chip environment.

Fabric bellows are produced with the highest quality material available. For a given application, bellows can be configured for specific requirements.

Bellows can be mounted horizontally, vertically or in a cross-rail direction to complete the protection of your machine. Typical machine types that use bellows are: laser cutters, plasma cutters, water jet, measuring machines, lift tables, milling machines, and lathes.

They offer protection from contaminates while applying little resistance to the machine’s movement. Bellows are the solution in which material, stability, and shape can be individually customized.  Bellows offers a much less compressed length that a steel telescopic ratio cannot match.

Material:  There is a compatible material for every application. Add stainless steel lamellas to your fabric for exposed to light chips. The standard materials that serve for dust covers are of a Polyester/Polyurethane family. The high heat and flame retardant applications consist of a Preotex or Kevlar. Chemical resistant material standard is Teflon. Inquire about BUWW special stainless STEELFLEX SYSTEM with no fabric bellows support for required light weight, high speed applications. See the Material Application Chart.

Stability:  The stability package comes in a lot of different variations.
Stitched bellows is an economical solution when the application is not required to be liquid proof.  Designed for extreme environments, stitched bellows can handle high temperatures, heavy abrasion, and tight compression. PVC stiffeners can be combined to add further stability and formation.

Thermally welded bellows specific for water tight required applications. The thermally welded one-piece construction and excellent rigidity provide a stable cover that maintains its uniform shape even in long runs.  Constructed with PVC stiffeners thermally welded to each fold of material to give a clean, finished look which will enhance the aesthetics of your machine.


























Polygonal Laminate bellows are also having an air tight seal providing protection against oil, cooling emulsions, and water.  For long extensions and high speed, additional ventilation holes are required. The alternating folds provide great dimensional stability. (fig 1/12)These attractive bellows are made of multi-layered laminates, and can be used in vertical and horizontal systems. Multi-layer lamination: see Figure 3/13: Gluing of material B with inner material A which provides dimensional stability and special outer material C.

Rubber Disk bellows are high quality protective covers for pistons and spindles. The manufacturing process consists of individual rubber disks bonded together by the process of vulcanization to be absolutely leakproof. This principle of design, which can be used in multiple forms, offers the advantage of large extended length with minimum compression. If the need arises, slide bushings made of polyamide are installed.
Dipped bellows are comparable to the molded concept without having to pay for tooling and die costs. A stitched bellows is dipped in specially formulated PVC creating a water tight seal. These bellows are designed to resist alkalis, acids, dust and water.

Shape:  Bellows can be provided in rectangular or round configurations with collars or flanges for horizontal, vertical, or cross-rail mounting to suit any application.




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